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Corvette Introduces the 60th Anniversary plus the 427 Collectors Edition!

2013 Corvette 427 Convertible

Today Chevrolet announced two new special edition Corvettes to round out the production of the C6 Corvette. The two models that have been unveiled are the 60th Anniversary Edition and the fastest Corvette convertible produced, the 427 Convertible Collectors Edition.

“The 2013 model year will be historic for Corvette, marking its 60th Anniversary and the final year for the current ‘C6’ generation,” said Chris Perry, vice president, Global Marketing and Strategy for Chevrolet. “We couldn’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate these milestones than bringing back one of the most-coveted combinations in the brand’s history – the Corvette convertible and a 427 cubic-inch engine.”

Corvette 427 Convertible Collector Edition

The Corvette 427 Convertible blends elements of the Z06 and ZR1 models to create the fastest and most-capable convertible in Corvette’s history.

Its heart is the 427-cubic-inch (7.0L) LS7 engine from the Corvette Z06. Rated at 505
horsepower (377 kW) and 470 lb.-ft. of torque (637 Nm), it is the most powerful engine ever installed in a production Corvette convertible – and, like the Z06, the 427 Convertible is only available with a six-speed manual transmission.

The LS7 was co-developed with the Corvette Le Mans-winning GT1 engine and features
lightweight titanium connecting rods and intake valves, as well as racing-inspired high-flow cylinder heads and a dry-sump oiling system. It is assembled by hand at GM’s Performance Build Center, where customers who purchase the 427 Convertible Collector Edition can purchase the Corvette Build Experience option and assemble the engine that will power their new car.

Supporting performance elements in the Corvette 427 Convertible include the driveline and rear axle system from the Corvette Z06, a rear-mounted battery and standard Magnetic Selective Ride Control. The standard 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels are wrapped in ZR1-style Michelin PS2 tires. Lightweight machine-face Cup wheels – introduced on the 2012 Corvette Z06 with Z07 and Corvette ZR1 with PDE performance packages – come standard and include unique gray-painted pockets. Black Cup wheels or chrome ZR1-style wheels are also available.

The 427 Convertible also features several carbon-fiber components that help reduce weight, including:

  • Carbon fiber raised hood (introduced on the 2011 Z06 Carbon Edition)
  • Carbon fiber Z06-style fenders
  • Carbon fiber floor panels
  • The “CFZ” carbon fiber front splitter and rocker panels are optional on the 427 Convertible, and included with the 60th Anniversary package

The weight reduction brings the 427 Convertible’s curb weight to 3,355 pounds (1,522 kg). Combined with its 505-horsepower LS7 engine, it gives the 427 Convertible a power-to-weight ratio of 6.64 – or one horsepower for every 6.64 pounds of vehicle mass.

That’s better than:

  • Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet – 6.90
  • Audi R8 5.2 RSI Spyder – 7.58
  • Aston Martin DBS Volante Convertible – 7.82
  • Ferrari California Convertible – 8.31

The combination of low mass and high output will make the 427 Convertible one of the fastest convertibles in the world, delivering estimated 0-60 performance of 3.8 seconds, quarter-mile performance of 11.8 seconds, lateral acceleration of 1.04 g and a top speed of more than 190mph.

The 427 Convertible is available in 2LT, 3LT and 4LT trim levels and will carry a unique vehicle identification number sequence, similar to the Corvette ZR1.

Corvette 60th Anniversary Package

All 2013 Corvette models, including the 427 Convertible, will be available with a 60th
Anniversary Package, featuring an Arctic White exterior with a Blue Diamond leather-wrapped interior with suede accents. Convertible models will have a blue top.

Additional content includes a ZR1-style rear spoiler, special badging, gray-painted brake calipers and the “60th” logo on the wheel center caps, steering wheel and seat headrests. An optional graphics package adds full-length racing stripes in Pearl Silver Blue, including a tonal stripe stitched into the convertible top, extending the graphic theme over the roof.

For 2013, all Corvettes will feature 60th Anniversary badges on the fascias and the “waterfall” panel on convertible models, as well as 60th logos in the instrument panel gauge cluster and on the sill plates.

Chevrolet will be auctioning off the first Corvette 427 Convertible at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale collector car auction with proceeds going to AARP’s Drive to End Hunger initiative on January 21st.

Chevrolet said that both cars will be available late summer when the 2013 Corvettes start production.  We hope to have both models at the annual NCM Bash at the National Corvette Museum in April.


Happy Birthday Corvette! Looking GREAT for 58!


Happy Birthday Corvette!

1st 1953 Corvette coming off the line!

The month of June is a very important month in the history of the Corvette.  Many significant events took place from production starting here at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant, the ground breaking of the National Corvette Museum in 1990, to the last C4 Corvette rolling off of the line, but none of it could be possible without the first production Corvette rolling off of the assembly line June 30th, 1953.

Just six months prior the world caught a glimpse of this new American Sports Car called the Chevrolet Corvette at the Motorama show at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.  The Corvette “Dream Car” was created to compete with the sports cars from around the world like Jaguar and MG.  The response from the Motorama show was overwhelmingly positive and as I mentioned production on this stylish sports car began.

All 1953 Corvettes were built by hand and were very close to the Motorama show car.  There were some differences between the production car and the show car:

  • The Motorama car has a small chrome piece on the side  where the production version had chrome from front to rear
  • The “Dorsal Fin” pointed down while the production car pointed up
  • Chevrolet was below the small chrome piece and the production car had Chevrolet above the chrome piece that went from front to rear
  • The Motorama car had an outside keyhole on the doors while the production car had no keyhole on the doors


Body assembly of the 1953 Corvette took place in Chevrolet’s converted Customer Delivery Garage off of Van Slyke Rd and Atherton near Flint, MI.  The first 1953 Corvette took three 16 hour days to complete. The startup was extremely slow and exhausting, but production ramped up in July with three cars rolling off the line each day.  Almost one year from when the car was introduced to the world, production in Flint stopped on the 1953 Corvette and moved to St. Louis, MO where the 1954 Corvette started just four days later.

All 1953 Corvettes were Polo White with a red interior and a black top.  Very few models had moon style hubcaps and the later cars had the louvered type look.  All 1953 Corvettes had a two-speed automatic transmission and had two options, a signal seeking AM radio ($145.15) and a heater ($91.40).  Although these were listed as options, all 1953 Corvettes came equipped with both items.  The base price was $3498, including the federal excise tax and $248 for shipping.  The radio had a rather unique feature:  since fiberglass is electrically inert, the antenna was incorporated in the trunk lid.  This would not have been possible with a conventional steel body.  Only 300 total 1953 Corvettes were produced, making this an extremely sought after car in any collection.

The Flint, MI Corvette Assembly plant was torn down several years ago, and many of the bricks that were used on the plant have been saved by the National Corvette Museum.  You can purchase a brick for $100 and own a piece of Corvette history.


WOW! What a great month for Corvette and Classic Car owners!

This month we have been on a marathon mission!  The NCM Insurance Agency has been at 5 shows over the last month meeting many new faces and seeing many of our current friends/customers.  The month of May has been a car person’s month.

The National Corvette Museum hosted the annual C5/C6 Bash bringing over 1,000 people into Bowling Green.  This event draws folks in from all over the world to celebrate the creation of the C5 (1997-2004) and C6 (2005-Current) Corvettes.  Many of GM’s top Corvette engineers, designers, marketers, etc come to this event along with racing drivers and team members from Corvette Racing.  We host a ton of road tours to various scenic destinations from bourbon distilleries to wineries and manufacturers of great homemade artisan cheeses.  We ended the event with the Margaritaville Banquet in the National Corvette Museum’s conference center.  This is an event that should not be missed!

The next weekend we attended the National Street Rod Association South East event in Knoxville, TN.  I am used to Corvette events, but if you are a car person you need to add this to your bucket list!  Some of the finest street rods in the country along with some of the top vendors of rodding goodies were in attendance.  We had the pleasure of meeting all new faces at this event, and we hope that we were able to educate folks about what we have to offer.  Check out our facebook page for photos of the event.  We will also be attending the NSRA Nationals in Louisville, KY this August!  Look for us there!

The following weekend we were home at the C4 Gathering here at the National Corvette Museum.  This is a great event that really caters to the lovers of the C4 Corvette (1984-1996).  This event draws a large number of ZR-1 and Grand Sport Enthusiasts.  We had an outstanding display of modified ZR-1’s including 3 Lingenfelter cars, 2 of which have the rare body package.  We had a great looking twin turbo ZR-1 along with a rare 1986 prototype ZR-1!  This year also marked the 15th anniversary of the 1996 Grand Sport with the LT4 engine.  We had two 1996 Grand Sports, a 1963 Grand Sport replica, and a new Grand Sport on display.  This event is getting better and better each year!

A couple of weekends later we found ourselves in the great state of Texas.  We attended the Lone Star Corvette Classic at Texas Motor Speedway.  The Lone Star Corvette Club (largest single club in the US) puts on a great show!  We began at the Marriott hotel in Fort Worth with registration and with some of the vendors who were setup.  Friday evening was mix and mingle with participants and vendors, sample the taco bar and then NCM Insurance Agency proudly sponsored the dessert table.  Saturday started bright and early at Texas Motor Speedway under the grandstands( where we set up our insurance display, and we also brought the Corvette Store to Dallas.  We had a great turn out and saw some amazing Corvettes!  The Lone Star Corvette Club has been an outstanding supporter of the National Corvette Museum, and they also were the first club to purchase Car Club Liability and Directors and Officers coverage from us.  We appreciate all that this club does for us!

As I type this we are in our 2nd day of the Corvette Forum Cruise In.  This event holds a special place in my heart as it was an event I helped create back in October of 1999.  Because of this event and Corvette Forum I have many friendships that I truly cherish.  I met my lovely wife, Kelly, through the Corvette Forum as well!  This year was a special year as we also hosted  80 Wounded Warriors from Fort Campbell and Fort Knox.  The participants of the Corvette Forum Cruise In drove to each military base and picked up a solider that is part of the Wounded Warriors program.  These soldiers were lead by the Kentucky State Police back to the National Corvette Museum where they were treated to a BBQ lunch, and guided tours of the National Corvette Museum and the Corvette Assembly Plant.  They wrapped up the day with whoopie pies (from the Corvette Café), brownies and a great goodie back pack donated by Mobil 1. This was a great way to start our Memorial Day weekend, by recognizing and honoring those who protect our freedom!

As you can see the month has been jammed pack full of activities.  We are looking forward to a couple weekends at home, then we are back on the road to the Ault Park Concours d’Elegance in Cincinnati, OH.  We hope to see you at an event near you sometime soon! 

PS:  If you are hosting an event and would like some NCM Insurance brochures to pass out or include in goody bags please email me at [email protected]


National Corvette Museum’s Insurance Agency Launches New Website

The NCM Insurance Agency unveiled a redesigned website this week that makes quoting collector car insurance as easy as the click of a button. The redesign allows current customers the opportunity to manage their policies, request ID cards, make policy changes and more. The new site also helps the National Corvette Museum more effectively provide useful information about collector vehicle coverages and offer online tools to facilitate the process for them.

“The previous website had a great nostalgic feel, but failed to provide important and useful information to current and future clients,” said NCM Insurance Agent Adam Boca. “The new website is easier to navigate for visitors and creates a positive experience, with useful Corvette and collector car insurance information in an easy-to-browse format.”

NCM Insurance is provided through American Modern Insurance Group, which offers discounts for eligible Museum Members. “American Modern Insurance Group was founded in 1965 and is a national leader in specialty insurance. The company’s financial stability is rated A+ (Superior) by an independent industry analyst and is acknowledged for its claim service,” according to Dave Seibert, American Modern sales representative.

“What makes NCM unique is its national reach from its vantage point within the National Corvette Museum,” Seibert explained. “It is truly integrated into the history and future of the ‘Corvette culture’ and has leveraged its special knowledge to serve the insurance needs of virtually all collector vehicles. This new website should allow the NCM Insurance Agency to enhance their customers’ experience, and that supports the mission of the Museum.”

Boca said that 100% of the agency’s commissions go to support the Museum. “We want to become a leading provider of Corvette and collector car insurance, and with this new website, we are on the right track,” he said.

NCM Insurance offers insurance plans for owners who drive up to 1K, 3K or 6K miles per year who occasionally drive their cars to enthusiast events, club meetings and on special trips.

“The new website provides free quotes, making it simple to compare your coverage options,” Boca said. “I encourage owners to log on to www.ncminsurance.org to discover what the NCM Insurance Agency has to offer. You can also connect with NCM Insurance on Facebook and Twitter at facebook.com/pages/NCM-Insurance-Agency/225876839230 and twitter.com/NCMInsurance.”

The National Corvette Museum is dedicated to the mission of celebration, education and preservation, and is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT – located at Exit 28 on I-65 in Bowling Green, KY.


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